Monitoring - A fix has already been implemented and we are monitoring the result.
Feb 16, 2024 - 08:13 UTC
Identified - Please note that this is unrelated to the previous LinkedIn maintenance.

We detected a permission error while importing reaction metric data on linkedInAnalyticsOwnPosts data source. LinkedIn requires additional permissions to gather this data and we immediately applied the change. Just to let you know, the LinkedIn profiles will appear to have a valid authentication, but you still need to update all profiles to give additional permissions.

Please re-authenticate as soon as possible to ensure accurate data is being reported.

Feb 15, 2024 - 20:55 UTC
Past Incidents
Feb 26, 2024

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Feb 25, 2024

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Feb 24, 2024

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Feb 23, 2024

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Feb 22, 2024
Resolved - This incident has been resolved.
Feb 22, 11:35 UTC
Monitoring - We're pleased to announce that Meta has resolved the issue, and now the page_fan_adds_by_paid_non_paid_unique metrics are working again as expected.
Feb 21, 20:15 UTC
Identified - Facebook Page Insights API issue is causing an issue if the 'page_fan_adds_by_paid_non_paid_unique' metrics are requested. A bug is reported to Facebook (see here).

This caused our Facebook Insights importer to fail yesterday. We have applied a patch to exclude this metric in the importer. Until Facebook fixes the issue the following metrics will show null value: page_fan_adds_by_paid_non_paid_unique_total, page_fan_adds_by_paid_non_paid_unique_paid , page_fan_adds_by_paid_non_paid_unique_unpaid

Feb 16, 13:04 UTC
Resolved - This incident has been resolved.
Feb 22, 11:29 UTC
Monitoring - A fix has been implemented and we are monitoring the results.
Feb 22, 11:05 UTC
Identified - The issue has been identified and a fix is being implemented by Intercom.
Feb 22, 09:22 UTC
Investigating - We are experiencing an outage of the Intercom support chat in Quintly.

Contacting the Quintly technical support by chat or by e-mail may not work.

Please check out the Intercom status page for more details:

Feb 22, 08:55 UTC
Feb 21, 2024
Feb 20, 2024

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Feb 19, 2024

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Feb 18, 2024

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Feb 17, 2024

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Feb 16, 2024

Unresolved incident: LinkedIn permission issue for importing reaction metric data - Immediate re-authentication required.

Feb 15, 2024
Completed - We have updated all custom metrics. We have completed optimizing date filtering for LinkedIn analytics own posts.
Feb 15, 19:46 UTC
Verifying - We have update the data source to filter the Linkedin analytics own post by published time instead of created time. We have added two new columns (publishedTime and createdTime) and deprecated the column "time" to reduce confusion.
Furthermore, we have updated all default metrics to display the published time. We are currently going over the custom metrics from active clients to update them.

Feb 15, 11:32 UTC
In progress - Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. We will provide updates as necessary.
Feb 15, 10:00 UTC
Scheduled - We are enhancing our date filter logic for "linkedInAnalyticsOwnPosts" data source which returns all published linkedIn posts. Presently, the data source filters posts based on their creation time depending on the selected time period. The data source is going to be filter by the publish time of the post.
Feb 12, 19:26 UTC
Feb 14, 2024

No incidents reported.

Feb 13, 2024

No incidents reported.

Feb 12, 2024
Resolved - This incident has been resolved.
Feb 12, 09:16 UTC
Update - Although we have fixed the importer worker for instagramInsightsStories the data source still was loading the deprecated fields instead of the replacement. Therefore the metrics exits, tapsForward and tapsBack were still returning 0 value until yesterday. The past data is now also returning the expected values.
Jan 24, 07:13 UTC
Update - Due to the Instagram Graph API changes the engagement count for instagramInsightsOwnPosts will contain from now on also the share count for posts after mid-December 2023. This definition is the same as the totalInteractions metric.
Jan 11, 09:41 UTC
Monitoring - We fixed yesterday the last remaining issue, that the Instagram audience by demographics metrics (audienceCities, audienceCountries, audienceGenderAndAge) were not importing. Due to the Instagram Graph API change the metric audienceLocales is deprecated. Unfortunately, we have a data gap for audience by demographics metrics from Jan 2nd until Jan 8th.
Jan 10, 09:37 UTC
Identified - Since 2nd January 2024, we have detected data import issues for instagramInsightsOwnPosts, instagramInsightsStories, and instagramInsights data sources due to Instagram Graph API changes. A fix has been rolled out for instagramInsightsOwnPosts and instagramInsightsStories on Jan 5th. Unfortunately, we have a data gap for instagramInsightsStories from Jan 2nd until Jan 4th. For instagramInsights we have applied a fix on Jan 8th, still the audience metrics are not available yet since Jan 2nd. We are working on a fix with high priority.
Jan 8, 10:22 UTC